Manchester Camerata Music in Mind SBRI Project

The Manchester Camerata team is collecting data from the 5 care homes involved in this project, showing the effects of the new music sessions that the project is helping to run.

This page gives resources for care homes for capturing this data and returning it to Manchester Camerata.

The main way to return data is through the first route, our dedicated website. Please use this website if possible. The other two approaches are provided in case you can’t use the website for some reason.

In all of the following, please remember to use initials rather than full names to identify carers and residents.

You can report problems or suggestions for improvements to us at Imago by e-mailing us.

Using our Dedicated Website

Our specially designed website for capturing data during music sessions easily and quickly is available for trial viewing at:

Follow the link on your phone, tablet or desktop web browser to use the system.

You will need to enter the code for your care home. Codes will be sent to care home managers by e-mail once we leave the trial phase and are ready to collect your data.

Need help? Can’t access the website? Please e-mail us to let us know.

Using the Paper Forms

We sent out paper based forms and stamped addressed return envelopes to all care homes, along with some information about how to complete and return the forms. While the project is running, when you send the form back to us, we’ll enter the data into our main data collection for analysis. (After the end of the project, you’ll need to enter the data yourself, which means using the dedicated website is much quicker and easier for your staff.)

Using Microsoft Office Forms

Your staff can use the following three forms, from their phone or an iPad or a computer, to send data to us. There is one form to fill in at the start of each session (just before the session starts or just after it has started) and one to fill in at the very end of the session. The third form can be used at any time in the middle of the session to send reactions of specific residents.

Don’t forget to click “submit” to send us the form, as soon as you have entered the data. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to send another entry using the same form.