Benefits for Pharmacists

Being aware of hearing loss will enable better communication between you and your patients. 

Patients leaving the pharmacy after a ‘good consultation’ will be: 

This means an improved patient-pharmacist relationship and customer retention. 

Through raised awareness, you will be more likely to spot the early signs of hearing loss such as customers lip-reading or asking to repeat information and can therefore help signpost them to relevant support. 

Training and Information for Pharmacists

We provide a range of training resources and information for pharmacists, to help them support their hearing impaired patients.

The FLAG-Me Sound Indicator

Participating PMR (Patient Medication Record) software providers are working with us to help you identify the patients who need extra support quickly and easily, when making up prescriptions, on collection in the pharmacy or during delivery.

Using FLAG-Me Sound, hearing impaired patients who may benefit from additional support will be shown clearly on their PMR using the eye-catching FLAG-Me Sound logo.

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