Welcome to FLAG-Me Vision


Our FLAG-Me Vision software alert helps pharmacy staff identify people with vision impairments, so they can offer tailored 1:1 support and access to resources that improve patient safety.

We provide support and information for pharmacists to help reduce the challenges of taking medication for visually impaired (VI) patients.

Benefits for Pharmacists

FLAG-Me Vision provides information and resources for our pharmacist members to help them better support their visually impaired patients and to increase the safety of the prescriptions they dispense.

Challenges for Visually Impaired Patients in Taking Medication Safely

Use the resources below to understand the challenges faced by visually impaired patients in taking their medication safely, and how you and your staff can help.

Training and Information for Pharmacists

We provide a range of training resources and information for pharmacists, to help them support their visually impaired patients.

The FLAG-Me Vision Indicator

Participating PMR (Patient Medication Record) software providers are working with us to help you identify the patients who need extra support quickly and easily, when making up prescriptions, on collection in the pharmacy or during delivery.

Using FLAG-Me Vision, visually impaired patients who may benefit from additional support will be shown clearly on their PMR using the eye-catching FLAG-Me Vision logo.

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