[CLOSED] Part-Time VR/Game Developer Positions

We have vacancies for 2 positions, a C# programmer and a VR/game developer, to help us create a demonstration prototype of a virtual lab environment.

Please note: the deadline for submitting applications for this post has been extended by a short period. See the end of the page for details. Some details of the job description have also been slightly amended.

Details of the Post

Posts available:

  • 1 part time C# developer position
  • 1 part time VR/game developer position

9 weeks of work is available, to be split flexibly between the 2 posts, worked part-time over the period 28th June to 31st August 2021. The default pattern is that each developer will work for 4.5 weeks, spread over a 9 week period at 50% part-time. But other working patterns can be discussed, at the discretion of the client.

The base pay rate is £10.08 per hour, with an additional holiday payment on top of this. Payment is made monthly in arrears.

The project will be run remotely, with no need to be physically present in Manchester.

The posts are open to any undergraduate student studying at the University of Manchester, including first year students, students who are graduating this summer and non-UK residents (subject to passing various employment checks).

The Project

This project involves developing a demonstration version of a 3D Lab environment. The team will use a 3D game engine such as Unity or Unreal to recreate the experience of carrying out a small number of basic scientific procedures, in a web browser. The learning experience will be reinforced by a simple MCQ feature.
The project will involve:

  • Preparing models for import into the game engine.
  • Coding the logic of the prototype virtual lab experience.
  • Creating simple animations of key steps in the lab protocols.
  • Coding the learning tools around this.

For the game developer post, experience in either Unity or Unreal would be required.
For the C# developer post, experience in object-oriented coding is essential, with a strong background in C# coding preferred.

Both posts will require problem solving skills, enthusiasm and good communication skills, with the ability to deliver the demonstration prototype on time.

How to Apply

To apply, e-mail Suzanne Embury (suzanne.m.embury@manchester.ac.uk) by the deadline.

Please provide a covering letter stating which role you are applying for (“modeller/game developer”, “C# developer” or “both”) and explaining why you are a good fit for that role, based on the criteria given above.

You should also supply an up-to-date CV and links to any games or VR resources you have created to date, where possible. Links to source code repositories are a good alternative for systems in your portfolio that are not currently accessible live.

Deadline for applications: 5.00pm Friday, 18th June 2021

Deadline extended to: 2.00pm, Saturday, 26th June 2021

Appointments to the posts may be made on the basis of an interview, or on the CV and covering letter alone.

Interviews for candidates submitting to the new deadline will be held in on 27th and 28th June 2021.

More information about Imago can be found at imago.cs.manchester.ac.uk.