Summer 2024 Project Vacancies

We have open vacancies for a range of part-time projects to be run during the summer vacation 2024.

Provisional information about the projects we are recruiting for, and information on how to apply, is given below.

Details of the Posts

All posts are full-time posts, requiring 35 hours per week of work. The projects for these posts will run across the summer vacation – see the individual project descriptions for the specific start and end dates.

The base pay rate is £12.21, per hour, with an additional holiday payment on top of this. Payment is made monthly in arrears.

It is expected that the projects will be run on campus but with some scope for flexible and hybrid working. Each team will set their own core hours when all team members must be present on campus and available for work. For example, typical core hours for Imago teams are 10.00am to 3.00pm. Additional hours are worked at a time and place convenient to each team member.

The posts are open to any undergraduate student studying at the University of Manchester who is eligible to work in the UK, including students who will graduate this summer. Note that students must be resident in the UK for the duration of the project (apart from weeks taken as holiday) to be eligible for the work.

We especially welcome applications from members of groups who are under-represented in the software engineering profession.  We aim to recruit diverse teams for Imago, containing a mixture of experienced team members and inexperienced but talented junior team members.  Working for Imago is a great way to bootstrap your personal portfolio and add some real development experience to your CV.

The Projects

MelonTech Phase IV

We have vacancies for 4 developers to further build software for MelonTech, a University of Manchester research start-up that is developing tools to help patients with Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI). One treatment approach is to use Continuous Glucose Monitoring, in which an in-body monitor reports glucose levels to a central server. The research that MelonTech is based on uses new approaches to analysing and visualising the glucose results, to help patients better manage their condition by linking lifestyle choices to incidents of high blood glucose.

The project will involve further expanding the toolset needed by MelonTech’s own experts, their clients and the end-users of the tool, ahead of upcoming clinical trials. The toolset consists of an ecosystem of microservices, implemented mostly in Python.

The project will give experience in building tools for working medical data, as well as interacting with clients to support the early stage development of a research-based startup. Applicants should have excellent programming and system design skills, and an interest in learning how to write code that meets regulatory and ethical guidelines, as well as being thoroughly tested.

This project offers 8 weeks of full-time employment, from 10th June to 18th August 2024 (with 2 weeks break to be taken flexibly across the project).

FuSeBMC GitHub Action Trial

Two full-time posts are being offered to work with the FuSeBMC project team, to create a custom GitHub Action to allow the FuSeBMC tool to be added easily to continuous integration workflows.

FuSeBMC is a gold medal winning test generation tool that aims to find security vulnerabilities in C programs, using symbolic execution and bounded model checking.  It was developed in The University of Manchester from a PhD thesis by Dr Kaled Alshmrany, supervised by Dr Lucas Cordeiro.

The FuSeBMC team is now in a market testing phase, with the aim of creating a spin-out company based around the tool.  This Imago project will support the FuSeBMC team by creating a custom GitHub Action from the tool, and exploring the possibilities of publishing the action on the GitHub Marketplace.

The project may also involve making adjustments to the interface to the FuSeBMC tool to better fit the GitHub Action model, and creating tools to integrate the results produced by the tool with other GitHub tools (such as reporting on the results directly on pull requests).  Correctness and reliability of the Action will be important, and thorough testing of the result will be required.  Usability of the produced Action, and ease of use of the full tool suite will also be important, requiring clear documentation and template projects to be created, to encourage take up of the tool.

This project offers 8 weeks of full-time employment, running contiguously from 10th June to 31st July 2024.

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is: 11.00pm BST on Friday, 19th April Monday, 22nd April 2024.

To apply, log in to your University of Manchester Office 365 account and complete the following form:

The form is now back up and running after a period of maintenance. Thanks for your patience while we upgraded to the new version of MS Forms.

Note that the form closes for applications at the deadline.

You will need to use your University of Manchester Office 365 account to submit a response to the form. Only one form response is allowed per person, but you can go back and edit your application before the deadline, should you wish.

Appointments to the posts will primarily be made on the basis of an interview, but in some cases we may make an offer based on the CV and application alone.

Employment with Imago is subject to confirmation of the applicant’s right to work in the UK, and a willingness to comply with University staff policies on ownership of IP and non-disclosure of confidential information.

Note: some of the posts we are advertising here are still going through the process of approval by the University and so may be subject to changes before the posts can begin.

More information about Imago can be found at