Where we work from

In a post written shortly before the summer projects ended, Jang asks our student employees about their personal working environments.

Over the past 2 months, we have been working across many time zones and places. Some of us have settled down and installed an entire home office, others have adapted a more nomadic work style. Check out how our typical work environments look like!

I travelled to Finland to see my girlfriend in August and ever since stayed and worked in the library in Helsinki (the name is Oodi). Every day I bring a bottle to stay hydrated and get a cheap morning latte (if I come before 10, there is always a discount)

Andrei giving us a local recommendation in Helsinki

My leftmost screen is always dedicated to YouTube music, can’t work without it.

Leo about his PC set-up

One might think that having an home office is very standard and doesn’t leave much room for creativity. However, our developers have adopted many different and creative ways to organise their work space. A custom keyboard, multiple screens, the perfect Bose sound system, and a modelling cat are all part of our set ups, and they beat every other standard office working environment.

My first mechanical [keyboard], … my family hates me for how loud it is

Karam on his colourful keyboard

 I end up working in cafes quite often

Albert on where he spends his working hours

Where would you like to work? We hope we could give you some inspirations.